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Music Biz demystified  

The music biz is changing, "everything changes, and you'll have to move on". Totally wrong to quote your own song? Nah.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of the independent musician, and seen pundits from all industries give their two cents as to why. I have seen optimists, pessimists, musicians, fans, know-it-alls, record execs and myself, try to make sense of it all. You know what it all seems to come down to? A statement that came bumbling out of my mouth one day while in conversation with a fellow…Read more


I've thought about writing music, and when I try hard, nothing comes. When I let it flow, it all happens. I pick up my guitar, start singing, start flowing, stop judging, start listening, write run-on sentences and voila! Music! Music is fun, music depressing, music feels unlike what you expect it to almost every time. That's how you know it's alive, and you're just constantly developing a relationship with it. It surprises you. It shows you what's up inside. Originality is a bitch, because it tells you…Read more

New, beginnings, difdkljf and spellcheck 

I play music, I like to sing, and I like to get people into the things that I'm into. Pretty simple. ldfjdlkj Just checking. There is indeed a little red line under that nonsense. But really, I have a love of writing; not just songs, but that kind of stream of consciousness blabber that I do just as I'm falling asleep, and I'm in that kind of half dream, half awake state. The kind of rambling I do with friends when we're just not in a damn rush. You're my friend. It's as simple as that. If you take the time…Read more

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Amos J Private party booked

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