New, beginnings, difdkljf and spellcheck

I play music, I like to sing, and I like to get people into the things that I'm into. Pretty simple. ldfjdlkj Just checking. There is indeed a little red line under that nonsense. But really, I have a love of writing; not just songs, but that kind of stream of consciousness blabber that I do just as I'm falling asleep, and I'm in that kind of half dream, half awake state. The kind of rambling I do with friends when we're just not in a damn rush. You're my friend. It's as simple as that. If you take the time to read what I write, and don't end up hating me in the process, then we're friends. If you find a way to write me and tell me what you're thinking, then I dare say, we're damn good friends. Let's keep it simple, spelled a little wrong from time to time, and chill the funk out. Oh yeah... MUSIC! I like that stuff a lot.