I've thought about writing music, and when I try hard, nothing comes. When I let it flow, it all happens. I pick up my guitar, start singing, start flowing, stop judging, start listening, write run-on sentences and voila! Music! Music is fun, music depressing, music feels unlike what you expect it to almost every time. That's how you know it's alive, and you're just constantly developing a relationship with it. It surprises you. It shows you what's up inside. Originality is a bitch, because it tells you what you really feel, where you're really at. It's the Payote of the the doing stuff drugs. It's the "here's a mirror, now look. Don't judge, don't hate, don't love or be enamoured by the gloriousness of". Originality is the state you're in at that very moment, and music is the vehicle to find out what's there. 
So next time you want some therapy, pick up an art making device. Guitar maybe? Paint brush? Soccer ball? I don't know. 
Originality is more than a product of self expression, it's something more. It's YOU.