1. Feel

From the recording Now


Would you, give it all away
if tomorrow morning, everything would be okay
wouldn’t have no possessions, no alibis
no sweet woman, to hear your cries
would you go away, would you feel okay?

Would you feel okay, walking down the road
knowing you got old,
with that smile on your face

So you went, followed all your dreams
and your tomorrow mornings, everything had been redeemed
went and had your confessions, sang your lullabies
had all of your footmen, stomp out your cries
never went astray, did it feel okay

Did it feel okay, knowing you got older
never start all over, we’re not going
We’re not going away, the way we came

And on my way, I was half afraid
the time I loved, the time I didn’t waste
and all of my purpose kept moving me forward
And now I’m never coming back
to where I was saved